VOLKAN is the 1st beer to be sold internationally with authentic ingredients from Santorini and the 1st member of Greece Debt Free (GDF)
VOLKAN is a Greek beer, developed by a Santorinian and brewed in Greece with rare Cycladic ingredients. Volkan derives its exquisite texture and aroma from Santorini’s rare honey and Naxos’ Citron Medica. Volkan’s innovative ingredients and brewing method include the conditioning of the water using Santorini basalt in our proprietary Lavarock Filter™.

Tasting Note

  A nose of yellow plum, with light malt that develops into a rounded soft ginger tone. Not too acid, with a balanced smooth finish.

Food Pairing

It's great with burgers or barbecue and perfect with pizza. You can try it also with more delicate dishes like shellfish or fresh goat cheese. The hops and carbonation work to keep your palate clean. But it can also be a wonderful accompaniment to very light desserts.

Awards And Accolades

Volkan Beer has won the ‘Product Innovation of the Year Award’ in Prague, in the Czech Republic.

Volkan Blonde Pilsner

$84.00 / cs

24 x 330ml

-Product Innovation of the Year Award-

Grape Variety
Estate Production
100,000 HL
The brewing process consists of four main stages: 1. Malting/ Mixture/ Mashing/ Lautering 2. Boiling 3. Fermentation/ Maturation/ Filtering 4. Bottling
Barrel Aging/Type
no oak
Production Quantity

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