The land of Santorini is anhydrous, since it rains rarely. The 3,500 year tradition in vine cultivation and the art of wine making is maintained nowadays by SantoWines which cultivates approximately 4000 acres of vineyards that represent about the 1/3 of Santorini surface. Cliff vineyards in Santorini are spreading out on different ground levels, forming the distinctive “pezoules” which were made by the producers so that it is easier for them to cultivate and to maximize the effectiveness of rainwater.

Tasting Note

The vinification of the ancient local MAVROTRAGANO variety, once again has fulfilled our expectations. The cultivation of  MAVROTRAGANO is based on high standards with great care. This varietal wine has aggressive taste, with the aromas of spices and tobacco.

Food Pairing

Ideally paired with veal escalopes with wine and mushroom sauce, lamb with spicy red sauce, stuffed mushrooms, osso bucco etc. 

Awards And Accolades


Santo Mavrotragano 2013

$419.40 / cs

12 x 750ml

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Grape Variety
100% Mavrotragano
Estate Production
100,000 cases
Classic red vinification
Barrel Aging/Type
Oak matured for 12 months
Production Quantity
3,300 cases

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