Northern Greece

Today Northern Greece represents one of the oldest and finest wine-making regions in Greece. Wars, emigration and the catastrophic phylloxera attack slowed down the development of wine at the turn of the last century, but after replanting the vineyards and investing heavily in modern technology wines from northern Greece have regained their glamour and appreciation worldwide. Naoussa, located on the slopes of Mount Vermion, was one of the first PDO regions to be registered in Greece and produces delicious, full-bodied red wines made from the native grape, Xinomavro. This grape is also cultivated in the remote PDO region of Amynteon where it produces medium bodied, fruity reds and pleasant sparkling and still rosés. You can also find wines from the PDO region of Goumenissa & the PDO region Cotes de Meliton. In addition to the PDO regions there are excellent PGI (Protected designation of Origin) wines being produced in Kavala, Mount Athos, Drama & Epanomi.