At the foot of Mount Parnassus, between a pair of huge cliffs called Phaedriades, lies the panhellenic sanctuary of Delphi, the site of the most celebrated oracle of classical Greece. Delphi was the navel of the earth as, according to legend, this was where the two eagles that Zeus had sent to find the centre of the earth met. For many centuries Delphi was the spiritual and religious centre of the ancient Hellenic world as well as a symbol of its unity.

Tasting Note

  Delphi Beer  has got a distinctive, particularly aromatic taste, with a light, pleasantly bitter aftertaste evocative of fresh malt. The dominant scent of acacia and orange blossom balance with the delicate scent of hop. 

Food Pairing

Served at 7⁰C and ideally accompanied with sea-food or yellow cheese.

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Delphi Beer

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Grape Variety
Estate Production
Delphi Beer is a Mediterranean pilsner, blond, double fermented and, of course, blurry. A non-pasteurized beer which is traditionally fermented in the bottle. Ingredients: water, malt, barley, hops, yeast.
Barrel Aging/Type
no oak
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